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Red Worms:
Items (1-7) a variety of worm packages from 100-15,000+

Red worms are natures best recyclers--used for reducing organic waste, including: newspaper and other paper waste, cardboard waste, yard waste, sawdust, woodchips, yard trimmings, cow and horse manure and mulch-a process called Vermiculture Composting.  The end product created after the worms eat the waste is nature's best natural organic fertilizer or 'wormpoop'.
Red worms are great bait for fishing and a super protein for Exotic animals.


100 Red Worms $10.00


250 Red Worms $18.00


One-half pound (approx. 500) Red Worms $25.00


One-pound (approx. 900 - 1,000) Red Worms



Two-pounds Red Worms



Three-pounds Red Worms



Five-pounds (Approx. 4,800 - 5,000) Red Worms



Ten-pounds (approx. 10,000) Red Worms


2Checkout.com is an authorized retailer for Wormpoop.com

Rich Organic Wormpoop Castings:

Nature's best natural organic fertilizer.  It's like gold at the end of the rainbow "BLACK GOLD WORMPOOP" will help your garden grow the way nature intended.

    Sale Price  
(9) 1-Gallon Pure Black Gold Wormpoop)   $12.00
(10) 2-Gallons Pure Black Gold Wormpoop   $24.00
For larger quantities please call (909) 987-2979.  
One Gallon of wormpoop should be mixed with five+ gallons of soil or composted mulch.

2Checkout.com is an authorized retailer for Wormpoop.com

Downloadable Products:
Items (10-17) on the order page.


How to set up the worm bed Click here to Download
  for FREE!!!


Construction Plans for a High-tech Worm-bed Box
GRANT RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT (#13 below) INCLUDING:  Vermiculture Composting Research, Harvesting Methods, Adopt-a-worm Observation Chamber for Science Projects, Instructions for Classroom Soil & Worm Observation Chamber, Environmental Activities, Student Intern Projects and more.
(13) Vermiculture Grant Research Project: Vermiculture composting demonstration and reutilization project $110.00
(14) Reserch on Harvesting methods $5.00
(15) Observation Chamber $10.00
(16) Classroom instructions for a soil and worm observation chamber $10.00
(17) Enviromental Activies and Service Projects $5.00

2Checkout.com is an authorized retailer for Wormpoop.com

Custom Designed Specialty Items:
Rare Antique Glass Wind Chimes
are made from tumbled broken artifacts believed to be the remnants from the tavern at the Wells Fargo stage stop, near Bear Gulch, dating back to the late 1860's found off Old Route 66 in Rancho Cucamonga in 2000.

Marcia Iannone, the owner of this website, was exploring near the old Pony Express/Wells Fargo stage stop on "Old Route 66" not far from her home in Alta Loma, California, when she discovered the beautiful broken glass bottles sparkling in the sun.  Different shapes, sizes, colors and thickness.  The artifacts have been tumbled and polished and each design is one-of-a-kind.  Only a small amount of glass was recovered before demolition trucks came in and hauled the glass away in order to construct new buildings at the Vineyard/Foothill Gateway.

After the glass is tumbled and the rough edges rounded and smoothed it reminds me of rocks tumbling in the sand at the ocean.  In nature this process takes hundreds of years, but over time, after many storms, rough weather, work and energy, the rocks like glass become smooth, pleasing to the eye, pleasing to touch, weathered in time and beautiful.

(18) Unique antique tumbled glass wind chimes $100.00
For Custom Design and Glass Color, call Marcia at...
(909) 987-2979.  Each Wind Chime is custom made and one-of-a-kind.  Allow 3 weeks delivery time.

2Checkout.com is an authorized retailer for Wormpoop.com

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